How this site is organized.

“I believe that what self-centered men have torn down, other-centered men can build up.”

–Martin Luther King, Jr.


This is the Home page. The banner (picture) located at the top above and on each of the following pages is a photo of what I consider to be  my real home, my snowed-in “Home Squared” in Marlborough, NH (photo by Roland Mitchell). This website is about me, a Professor Emeritus in the U. C. Davis’ Department of Psychology (a simple list of current UCD profs and UCD Emeriti is at ) under my publishing name G. Mitchell.  By the very obvious fact that I am now retired, most, but not all, of this site is about my past 53 post baccalaureate years.  To be more specific, these pages document my career of 31 years (1963-1994) plus the  22 years of parenting, coaching, travel, and family interaction since retirement (1994-2016).

Directly below the banner picture above are links by which a visitor can get to other pages.  Page 2 describes my Research Interests, page 3  reviews my Educational and Employment history in academics, and so on through Publications, Talks and Travel, Teaching, Service, and Work Gallery. The page entitled About Me includes informal information and some post-retirement interests. Pages subsequent to About Me will be varied in content. All pages and especially the Work Gallery and Family Gallery have photos; and, on all pages, each photograph is enlargeable by clicking on it. The photo is sometimes made even bigger by clicking a second time. Photos include both professional and personal images.  When the website is expanded, additions might be short-lived, with additional pages and photos deleted from the site after varied exposure times. Currently, the comments section has been culled. To proceed to another page, click on any page link on the menu under the banner at the top of this page, or else just click on the Page 2 link below.

Mailing address: Prof. G. Mitchell, PO Box 2101, Davis, CA 95617

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