Photo 1- Beaver Dam at Trestle , Marlborough, NH                                                   Photo 2- Chris Mitchell going to BeaverDam.                                                            Pictures by Dee and David Mitchell.

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NAME: Gary D Mitchell, PhD, Professor Emeritus, UC Davis

1958 Graduated from Marlborough High School, Marlborough, NH

1961 Received Eldon L. Johnson Creativity Award, U. of New Hampshire

1963 BA from UNH – Psychology. (

1963 Received  Woodrow Wilson Fellowship (awarded to students deemed to have potential to become university professors)

1964 MA- University of Wisconsin-Physiological Psychology (

1966 PhD- University of Wisconsin-Comparative/Developmental Psychology


1966-67 Post-doctoral fellowship, National Institutes of Health Grant, University of Wisconsin Primate Center,


1961-1963  Arthur P. Noyes Institute for Neuropsychiatric Research, Concord, NH 1962-1963  Research Assistant and Statistician at Noyes Institute.

1962-1963 Research Assistant at Haslerud Learning Lab

1963-1964  Eldon L. Johnson Creativity Award                                                         1963-1964  Woodrow Wilson Fellowship (for Future Professors)            1964-1966    Graduate Student, Woodrow Wilson Fellow, U. Wisconsin. Madison

1965-1966 National Institutes of Health Grant, Wisconsin National Primate Center 1965-1966 NIH Predocl Fellowship, Behavior Research on Rhesus Monkeys 1965-1966 U of Wisconsin, Dept of Psychology,Teaching Asst.- Statistics, Research Methods, Psychobiology.

1966-1967 Postdoctoral fellowship NIH; Wisconsin Primate Research Center.

1971-1975  UC Davis Medical School,                                                    Department of Behavioral Biology, Primate Service Facility Project Director, California Primate Research Center.

Professorial Advancement History
1967  Appointed Assistant Professor of Psychology (Step2), UC Davis

1967-1990 California National Primate Research Center, Research Professor 50% time ( website )

1969  Merit increase to Assistant Professor of Psychology (Step 3), UC Davis

1970  Accelerated to Assistant Professor of Psychology (Step 4), a year early

1971  Promoted to Tenure, Associate Professor of Psychology (Step 1), UC Davis

1971-1975 Appointed as Project Director, Dept of Behavioral Biology Lab, UC Davis Medical School, Primate Service Facility (NIH).

1973 Accelerated to Assoc. Professor of Psychology (Step 3) (skipping Step 2)

1975 Promoted to Full Professor of Psychology (Step1), UC Davis

1978 Merit increase to Full Professor of Psychology  (Step 2), UC Davis

1981 Merit increase to Full Professor of Psychology (Step 3), UC Davis

1984 Merit increase to Full Professor of Psychology (Step 4), UC Davis

1988 Merit increase to Full Professor of Psychology ( Step 5), UC Davis

1994 Professor Emeritus of Psychology, UC Davis ( )

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