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“The bond begins before birth and, with the body and eye contact of parents and newborn, the baby’s first smile fills the parents’ hearts. The love seems more than any love before it, but there is no sound or sight in life as wonderful and heart warming to hear and see as the sincere laugh of a small child. It is the baby’s laughter, flowing from the child’s whole being, that holds people, families, and communities together.”

-Prof. Gary Mitchell

1.  FIRST OF FIVE CHILDREN- Jody Lynn Mitchell

Birthday Milestone            Utah Skiing                      Tournament Fishing w/spouse

Jody50th IMG_0262UtahMountain SkiingBn1253047882_198026_9422TournamentFish Jody02_01IMG_296419860024IMG_3968

Jody with Dad                             With Baby Brother         With Life Partner


Horsemanship                  Maternal Behavior            Snorkling

Lisa_n_dakotaMA7867636-0001aMitch and MomLisaSnorkels 01460006Copy of IMG_0756Lisa Mitchell (Begg) 198119860001

Son, former Husband and Dad     Baby Brother, Gramma, and Big Sister

3.  THIRD OF FIVE CHILDREN – Gary David Mitchell, Jr.

Young Boy                       With 95 yr old Grandpa      Age 18 with his Dad

Gary,Jr 1972GaryJr&Gramps New Hampshire 004Gary, Jr in Jacuzzi with Gary Sr in Picture

IMG_4970aFishing      Surfing CardiffFeb4022    Gary Belize UnderwaterASnorkling  CardiffJan19017_zpsb05fd811

Big Fish                             Stone Pond & Mt. Monadnock          Teenager

Gary n Big Fish IMG_5001NH Gary Jr July 1980 000219890027 - Copy

20160518_1749101With Surfing Cousins

4.  FOURTH OF FIVE CHILDREN – R.J. Mitchell (aka Robert John Mitchell)

RJ Mitchell, Florin High School Mathematics Teaching InternKAPLAN=RJRJ 002 - CopyCopy of Picturesds 005Copy of Picturesds 043RJ various0001 - CopyRJStateCupscanRJBallisticPicture1[1]20141224_174901

5. YOUNGEST OF FIVE CHILDREN – Samuel Parker Jones Mitchell

Sam gets his UCSC BA diploma_001    SamCloseupGrad50211053-00301-0131 (2) Sam at Wedding Copy (5b) of Picturesds 005Sam 002 - CopyCopy of Picturesds 041Image150SamKitchenSmileSam2007yoImage80Sam,AssistantWebmaster20141224_175050

6. GRANDSON- Mitchell Alexander Begg

Grandson with Animals

1- Bearded dragons S.D.Fair.   2. Walking a Goose  3. His own horse                                      .

1- Riding alone.                2. A Montana Ranch        3. Feeding Horses


1 & 2-  Herding cattle.                3. Hedgehog, Wild Animal Park, San Diego

1 & 2- Feeding a giraffe.            3. Squirrel monkey (Mazatlan)


Photo 1- Puerto Vallarta dolphin. Photo 2- Dolphin ride.


1 & 2- Man’s best friends.       3. At the White House


 Grandson in sports

Photo 1 Martial Arts           Photo 2 Pole Climb        Photo 3 Wall Climbing



Photos 1 & 2- Curling.                                               Photo 3 Rope Netting Climb

1 & 2- T-ball                                                             3 & 4 Baseball



Bowling                             Zip Line                              Shooting Range


Skiing                                 Archery 1                         Archery 2

1 & 2- Boogie boarding.

1, 2 and 3- Swimming and water skiing.

1 and 2.. Water sports in Belize.    3. Zip line in Belize.


White Water Rafting          Motorcycling                     Motorcycling

University of California, San Diego Outback Adventures, Challenge Course.

Grandson cheering for his Dad at the finish line at the “Ironman” (World Championship Triathalon), Kona, Hawaii, October 13, 2012.  In this particular “Ironman”, his Dad got 4th place in the world in his age group. As of June1, 2014, he was ranked #1 in the world in the 50-54 age group.

IMG_4817croppedoutDavisGrandson with his favorite uncle and my 2nd daughter


Brothers 5 Folks 50th 1987Buzz Oct 2012 IMG_0617Copy (2) of IMG_0275

Five Brothers                   Big Brother – Bruce Gordon      2nd Oldest – Gary

Copy of DSC00072Copy of IMG_0275Copy of IMG_0502Copy (2) of DSC00072

3rd Oldest- John Phillip                                             4th Oldest – Roland Earl        CameraFILL#1-June-2013 709 - CopyMark Thanksgiving 2011 008 mark-in-the-1960s

Youngest – Mark Scott as an adult now and as a boy in the 60s (Last two pics).

8. SPOUSE- Patricia Ann Jones

Rally to Restore Sanity 001Copy (2) of IMG_0502Copy of IMG_0274

NH Copy of Gary, Sr. and Pat Old Bus Stop IMG_0046Patricia Jones and her two grown boys and husbandIMG_1470_zpse36fe7d5

Gary, Sr., Pat and two grown boys. Last three are pics of a much younger Pat.

9. PARENTS – John David Mitchell and Pauline Leila Parker Mitchell

Dad (deceased, July 19, 2015 at 97) and Mom (deceased, July 1, 2015 at 96)

DadAndMomIMG_0255Copy of Gramma and Grampa at EF Lane Hotel June 2009 IMG_0034

*SEE BELOW FOR FAMILY MEMOIR BOOKS (Kindle and paperbacks)

10. My Father’s Book of His Childhood Memories 1917-1937

(Paper back published July 2015 at Dad’s age 97)

“Growing Up in Keene, New Hampshire”

(click to enlarge)

John D Growing Up...Final CoverIMG_4965

Author: John D Mitchell; Editor Samuel P.J. Mitchell

(with special thanks to Gary D Mitchell, Sr.)

About the Author

John D. Mitchell was born in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1917. He resided in Keene, New Hampshire from 1920 to 1944, before moving to the nearby town of Marlborough with his wife Pauline and, at the time, four sons. Another son was born in 1956. Prior to moving back to his hometown of Keene in 2015, John was the oldest man in Marlborough. He was happily married to Pauline for seventy-seven years, and had five sons, ten grandchildren (the youngest of whom edited this volume), ten great-grandchildren, and two great-great-granddaughters.
Pauline passed away at the age of ninety-six on July 1st, 2015. John’s death soon followed on the 19th (at the age of ninety-seven). Just one week prior to his passing, John had completed the author’s note at the beginning of this text. Shortly after his death, his final revisions were incorporated into “Growing Up in Keene, New Hampshire” by his grandson and editor, Sam.

John D Mitchell, Obituary, July 22, 2015 55af841f7e4be.image20141224_175050

Grampa John, 97, Author   Grandson Sam, 27, Editor

For questions about this volume, please write:

Gary D. Mitchell, Sr., PO Box 2101, Davis, California 95617.

The Cheshire County Historical Society; the Keene, Marlow, Westmoreland, and Marlborough, NH libraries; three local bookstores; and Mitchell family members (John’s, Gary’s, and Sam’s generations) have each received one copy gratis.

And, as you can see by clicking on the blue link to the Amazon site, we now have an offering of both paperback and Kindle copies of Dad’s book, with a paperback white cover, and a Kindle e-book with the green and orange cover.  The paperback has the same contents, word for word, as the Kindle version. The white cover for the paperback looks like the image below:

CLICKING ON IMAGE BELOW MAKES THE IMAGE LARGER. To reach the website for either book ordering, click the link in blue print below. There is no obligation to buy. You can even read the first chapter for free.

Cover JD Mitchell Amazon Paperback

11. Second Family Memoir: Neighborhood Childhood Memories, 1940-1951 (to age 11)

  “War Babies of Marlboro, New Hampshire”

Author: Gary D Mitchell, Sr.  Editor: Samuel P.J. Mitchell

(This paperback was published in mid-October 2016.)

See Amazon at…%22

Click on Cover below for bigger view. Click a second time for magnification.


12. Third Family Memoir: About school, and my ages 6 through 18

“A Schoolboy of Marlboro, New Hampshire 1946-1958”

Author: Gary D Mitchell, Sr.; with contributions by Samuel P. J. Mitchell including editing of first four chapters and help with publication format.

(This paperback was published in mid-October 2017)

See this book by googling Amazon Books and then entering Gary D. Mitchell, Sr. in the Amazon Search Window.

Click on cover below for a bigger picture view. Click a second time for magnification.

Click on link below to see book listed on Amazon. Other pictures can be magnified on the Amazon listing.

13. ON DEMAND BOOKS for these memoirs

In addition to the Amazon sources, the books can be obtained at EBM sites run by On Demand Books. Anyone can purchase any of our three books at several Espresso Book Machine sites (EBM Locations) where the books are printed in minutes at point of sale for immediate pick up or delivery. Here are the links in blue for our three books uploaded to

“Growing up in Keene, New Hampshire” by John D Mitchell

“War Babies of Marlboro, New Hampshire” by Gary D Mitchell, Sr.

“A Schoolboy in Marlboro, New Hampshire” by Gary D Mitchell, Sr.

14. The Toadstool Bookshop in Keene, New Hampshire

Our favorite place to send our books for sale is to the Toadstool Bookshop in our own Keene, New Hampshire located at: 12 Emerald Street, Keene, NH 03431. It is our favorite because it is at the Toadstool that most of our family and friends in Marlboro, Keene, and neighboring NH towns acquire our books. We deal directly with Don Luckam the Toadstool manager (Incidently, there are two other Toadstools in NH, one in Peterborough and one in Milford, but, so far, we have sold only in our own Keene shop).

15. Gary D Mitchell, Sr. Home Twitter Page is @MaJoad1

You know you are on the right Twitter page when you see a 1948 World Series photo and my selfie as a Cleveland Indian fan.

16. Best steamed buns and Hot Dogs ever at:

DOUG’s DOGS, Route 101, Marlborough, NH 03455

tell them Gary Mitchell sent you.